The Tank ring

bagues tank bijoux tank Gerphagnon
Bagues Tank ©Gerphagnon Joailliers

An emblematic jewel of the 1940s, the tank rings appear today as an essential piece. Its characteristic shape and its imposing side make it a very popular and increasingly sought-after jewel.

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Tank Origins ...

Tank jewelry appeared around 1935, a period troubled by the Second World War, the battles that ensued as well as the economic uncertainties specific to each conflict.

Gold is becoming more and more rare as are precious stones and it then appears necessary to transform your jewelry into an easily transportable “refuge” piece.

We then decide to melt our jewelry to form a single piece: a ring or a bracelet and to add precious stones when we have them.

The Tank ring : An imposing jewel marked by a troubled period

The Tank ring appears on the one hand as a way to easily transport your jewelry, but it quickly becomes an essential style element.

Partly inspired by tanks (hence its name) by its shape and size, it has very geometric shapes that perfectly reflect the state of mind of the time punctuated by military parades.

The wealthiest people will then ask for very imposing jewelry, very worked with rounded patterns, knots, etc .. and richly adorned with emeralds, diamonds, sapphires or rubies.

Recognize a Tank ring

You can recognize a Tank ring almost at first glance. Most often in yellow or pink gold, it is massive and imposing (see video below). Generally adorned with diamonds, the use of colored stones is frequent. However, the supply of colored stones being made difficult because of the war, jewelers often resort to the use of synthetic stones (as on the ring below adorned with calibrated synthetic rubies).

Bague Tank ©Gerphagnon Joailliers


If you are interested in buying a Tank ring, I suggest you visit the Maison Gerphagnon website, which offers magnificent examples.

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