About Collectissim

The Marketplace of Luxury and Works of Art 

What is Collectissim?

Collectissim is a platform allowing professionals in the sale of Jewelry, Watches, and Works of Art, to highlight their objects and offer them for sale.

With Collectissim we also want to create a large community of enthusiasts, to discover rare crafts, exceptional pieces, portraits and many other things through Social Networks, our Blog and our Magazine (Digital and Physical) to come .


We have chosen to offer objects selected by professionals. This choice allows us to highlight the know-how and experience two values dear to Collectissim.

Buying on Collectissim is also the guarantee of finding authentic objects because we select our sellers after study. In addition, each piece is checked by us before going online.

Our Values

Lovers of beauty and passionate, we are committed to discovering exceptional estates through Collectissim. So we are not just another platform on the market, we want above all to create a large community gathered around this passion.

This is why we attach great importance to our Blog and to Collectissim Magazine which will soon be available online and in physical form.

Founded by Guilhem Merolle, Collectissim

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