Elizabeth II’s iconic jewelry

Les bijoux d'Elizabeth II

The news of the death of the one who was thought to be immortal had the effect of a bomb all over the world. Her Majesty the Queen is no more and, with her, a true icon disappears.

Over time and her appearances Elizabeth II had accustomed us to her many colorful outfits that she liked to match with official jewels from the Crown treasury but also with personal, much more intimate pieces that accompanied the Queen over the years. of his life.

Through this “tribute” article, I invite you to discover or rediscover five emblematic and personal pieces worn by Elizabeth II.

Cullinan V brooch

bijoux Elizabeth 2 Cullinan
Elizabeth II portant la broche Cullinan V en compagnie d'Anna Wintour

When the 3106-carat Cullinan rough diamond was discovered in 1905, it was offered by its owner to Edward VII in 1907, who asked Joseph Asscher to cut it. Eight important stones will thus be obtained, including the Cullinan V, in the shape of a heart which weighs 18.8 carats.

It will be set in the center with an Edwardian-style platinum brooch depicting laurel leaves and swirls adorned with diamonds. Elizabeth II greatly appreciated this room which was bequeathed to her in 1953 by her grandmother Queen Mary.

Prince Albert brooch

Elizabeth II portant la broche du Prince Albert

In 1840 Prince Albert of Saxe-Cobourgh-Goata offered a brooch to Queen Victoria on the eve of their union. “A magnificent sapphire and diamond brooch” notes the queen in her diary.

Elizabeth II was particularly fond of this piece that belonged to her great-great grandmother. She also wore it during dinner with the Kennedy couple in 1961.

The Wedding Gift Bracelet

Wedding Gift Bracelet Elizabeth 2
Le Wedding Gift Bracelet au poignet d'Elizabeth II

On the occasion of his engagement, Prince Philipp gave Elizabeth II this bracelet made from a tiara adorned with diamonds and aquamarines offered by Nicholas II and Alexandra of Russia to his mother Alice of Battenberg.

Entrusted to the London jeweler Philipp Antrobus, the tiara is transformed into an engagement ring and an Art Deco-inspired diamond bracelet with geometric shapes set with three large white diamonds on platinum.

Note that this precious jewel was loaned by Queen Elizabeth II to Kate Middleton as a sign of great affection.

The engagement ring

la bague de fiancailles elizabeth 2 bijoux elizabeth 2
Le solitaire d'Elizabeth II

Much less impressive, the engagement ring of Elizabeth II will remain one of the Queen’s most emblematic jewels since she never left it.

Elizabeth II was 21 when she became engaged to Prince Philipp. It is with a 3-carat solitaire, flanked on each side by five smaller diamonds, encrusted in a platinum ring, that Philippe asks for the hand of the one who is not yet Queen of England. This is the second jewel that will be made at Philipp’s request from the tiara offered by his mother for the occasion.

A little anecdote, the ring is too big, and Philippe only realizes it on D-Day, when he asks for Princess Elizabeth’s hand. The jewel will be taken back in two days, so that Elisabeth can wear it during a garden party officially announcing the engagement of the young couple.

The pearls necklace

Le collier de perles d'Elizabeth II

Undoubtedly the favorite jewel of Elizabeth II, the one she particularly liked and surely the most personal.

The Queen wore it on every occasion and materialized her love for her father, King George VI. This necklace made up of three rows of pearls is nothing exceptional compared to the ornaments worn by Elizabeth II. But it was offered to her when she was very young by the one who nicknamed her “Lilibeth”: her father, to whom she was very close.

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