A Magazine dedicated to Jewellery

Collectissim Magazine is a quarterly digital magazine dedicated to the world of jewellery. Its aim is to help readers discover this wonderful world by highlighting its heritage and expertise through articles and interviews. Issue 2 is now available free of charge on

Highlighting jewellery heritage and know-how

Because jewellery is a wonderful world steeped in history, Collectissim is committed to promoting jewellery expertise and heritage through a magazine devoted to jewellery.

To evoke jewellery is to evoke a past steeped in history, a blend of poetry and beauty that communicates with a present combining heritage and innovation; to evoke jewellery is to highlight the quest for beauty, perfection and wonder; and finally, to evoke jewellery is to highlight the precious know-how perpetuated by thousands of hands around the world.

A jewellery magazine for everyone

As a blogger with a passion for the world of jewellery, I’ve built up a large community of enthusiasts on social networks. Keen to share this passion, I first created a blog on the internet, then recently a YouTube channel also devoted to the world of jewellery.

For me, it wasn’t a question of creating a catalogue of soulless adverts, but rather of offering something concrete by highlighting personalities, heritage and expertise, with the aim of opening the doors to this wonderful world of jewellery.

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